Mathematics deals with numbers, their relations, calculations, patterns and different formulas. Maths is very easy for the students who enjoy playing with numbers and difficult for the students who escape from it.

Excelling in maths is not as hard as few students feel to be. Here, some of the most important tips are given that can help the students to learn maths in a more effective way and excel in any maths exam.

  • Be Thorough with the Fundamentals

The concepts in mathematics should be learned thoroughly and their application should be understood. It is extremely important for the students to be well-acquainted with the basic theorems and concepts. It is always suggested to avoid memorizing the formulas blindly. With a proper understanding of the basics, students can also comprehend higher concepts in the later grades.

  • Practice Properly

To master maths, one needs regular practice. It is important to practice different question variations from each topic to be able to tackle any question type. One should practice from different reference books like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, etc. to get more confidence in solving the questions. For doubts, students should clear it as soon as possible and not keep piling up. For example, if one has a doubt in solving RD Sharma class 10 questions, he/ she should check RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions and understand the underlying concepts.

  • Avoid Skipping Homework

Teachers give homework to the students to help them get confident with the topics. Homework is considered to be very crucial as it helps the students to understand the concepts taught better and retain them for longer. In order to be confident with all the concepts taught in the class, it is crucial to never to skip the homework.

  • Analyze the Solutions

By analyzing the solutions, students can identify their mistakes and know the most effective methods of solving the questions. By knowing and understanding the most efficient solutions, students can understand the fundamentals and their applications better and solve the questions more effectively. So, it is always suggested to check and analyze the solutions thoroughly while practicing. For example, while solving RS Aggarwal questions for class 9, check for the RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions to identify the mistakes and understand the most effective ways to solve the respective questions.

These were a few tips that can help any student to enjoy learning maths and excel in it. Students are also suggested to subscribe BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn different maths concepts in an efficient way from the engaging video lectures.


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