A business analyst does the job of understanding the business and relatesto the market to offer the right solution. Recruiting a BA is a challenging task for the following reasons.

  1. They may not be having the business management qualification.
  2. BA might not know every business and may or may perform well in different jobs.
  3. One BA cannot be universal for all BA roles. Every company BA must understand about the company in specific otherwise it will backfire the very purpose of hiring them.
  4. The resources are costly, and hence companies find it difficult to compensate the best talent.

Best Methodto Hire the Right BA

Nothing other than a business aptitude test can offer help in identifying the business analyst.  This test will include questions related to the personality of an individual, managerial skill, convincing skill, data interpretation skill and much more. Each skill has its importance for a business manager.

  • Personality Skill – Qualities of a person is the key to perform a BA role. For instance, a combination of patience, aggression, perseverance, etc. can be evaluated with the skill test. Scenario-based questions will reflect these thoughts of any individual quickly.
  • Data Interpretation Skill – Understanding people is crucial but beyond that is the interpretation of the data and facts. The business manager will work more with facts and statistics than with people. So it is necessary for them to analyse the data in detail.

All these skills can be assessed with the test in one shot to help the company hire the right resource.

Benefits of Online Test

Business managers may not prefer attending face to face interview in the first instance. They will be busy with the daily chore, and the online test offers an excellent relief for them. Taking the test from anywhere and at any time is possible.

The questions can be customized whenever a person enters their detail and hence it simple to evaluate the knowledge of each. BA skills are little tricky to identify even after an elaborate interview. Knowing the business and experiencing in the business matters a lot as far as the BA position is concerned. So the test will pull out the difference quickly. One cannot claim to know everything which the test result will prove with detailed analysis.

Results can also be looked by the company with elaborate explanation and scoring will not confine to the right and the wrong answer. Instead, BA test rating will be based on the weighting scoring, and the approach in answering questions will add value to the test performance. This individual result card will allow the company to discuss the outcome with the candidate. Transparency can be achieved this way.

Finally, the standard yet essential advantage is the cost-effectiveness of the test. The cost of the test is worth the detailed report generated. Business manager recruitment cannot happen on any coding skill, and only such analysis will provide clarification to several areas.

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