Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition that begins with an infection. When the infection reaches the bloodstream and severely affects the function of organs like the heart, brain, kidneys and more, the condition is called sepsis. Some of the earliest symptoms to look out for are fevers, hypothermia, fast heart rate and fast breathing.

How quickly does sepsis act on the body?

Once an infection seeps into the bloodstream, it can spread to the entire body in a number days. A septic shock occurs when the patient suffers a serious drop in blood pressure. This can lead to rapid failure of the body’s organs, stroke or even death. In the United States, septic shocks are known to be the most common cause of death in ICUs.

The condition moves at an alarming speed. Patients have been known to succumb to the disease as quickly as days after an infection develops. Many patients often end up losing their lives as treatment gets delayed due to expensive medical bills their families are unable to afford. This issue is widespread in countries ridden by poverty like India, or those where healthcare coverage is nonexistent, like the U.S.

This leaves patients with no choice but to turn to crowdfunding India platforms, one of the few effective funding solutions that can work in the shortest span of time.

How can crowdfunding help raise funds quickly?

With some effort and persistence, anybody can raise lakhs of rupees in days or even hours through the power of the crowd. Here are the top five tried and tested methods that have helped thousands of campaigners raise the money they need in the past:

  1. One of the best qualities of social media is that it can make or break a story through virality. Use good storytelling and smart social media strategy to make your fundraiser reach out to hundreds of people in hours.
  2. Facebook and Whatsapp are known to be the best social media platforms for crowdfunding India Use these to the fullest.
  3. Approach relevant Facebook groups and send personal messages to family, colleagues, friends, acquaintances and distant connections, asking them to donate and share with their contacts.
  4. Make sure your closest friends and families donate in the first hour after your fundraiser is live.
  5. Ask them to create support fundraisers after they donate and share these repeatedly on their social media platforms.

A sample case to inspire

A young college student began raising funds on Impact Guru’s medical crowdfunding platform when her mother was diagnosed with septic shock. Merely days later, the sepsis had spread to various parts of her body, including her brain, trachea and kidneys. She was immediately put on antibiotics, dialysis and ventilator support in the ICU. Her treatment, doctor’s consultation charges, medication and stay in the ICU, her treatment costs shot up to Rs 25 lakh. The student began crowdfunding immediately and raised over Rs 11 lakh overnight!

If you know someone in urgent need of funds, look no further. Turn to crowdfunding India today.

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