Education is one of the basic amenities of mankind; there is nothing in this world that you can think of doing without being educated about it. Education, as is the general perception, is about books and examinations, but this is not true. You need to be educated means you need to gain knowledge about the various important things of life. Education can be got by any means and in the current trend of things technology plays a major role in imparting education. Patrick Lanning is the chief academic officer of WICHE states at Oregeon, which is a commission for higher education.

He is also the Campus President of Yamhill Valley and is involved with several student exchange programs. It is very important for one and all to understand the essentiality of education, even till date when the world has progressed so much in terms of technology and advanced living, there are places reported to have a very low level of literacy.

In the ancient times, education may have been considered to be a luxury available only for a select few but today, there is no way you can afford to have this mind frame. Every single person needs to be educated, not just for themselves but for the society and the world at large. You need education to give yourself a good and satisfactory life, you need education to place yourself in a better way in life, and you also need education to educate others around you.

Patrick Lanning Removing Illiteracy- A World That Everyone Hoped For

For those who still consider education to be a burden, they are the ones who are at a loss of comprehending the most basic need of their life. The adage – ‘ignorance is bliss’ applies to them accurately. They do not realize that it is by being learned and educated about the requirements of life that you will be able to provide for yourself and your family.

If you are not aware of your rights, how will you claim them from those encroaching upon them? So, ultimately you are the one who is losing out on things. Remember, education is not an option; it is a requirement because through it you are being educated about everything in life. It is a way of equipping yourself and giving yourself the support that will remain with you all your life.

It is true that not everyone can afford education, but during these times it becomes the responsibility of the already educated and privileged in life like Patrick Lanning to help impart education to this unfortunate lot.  It is important for the masses to realize that the more people get educated the more evolved will be your society and consequently your country and ultimately the entire world.

Through education you get to do things and know of things that you may otherwise never be able to come across; for instance the societies that existed in the past, their differences, how they have evolved, the things that were there in the past but have now become extinct and you will never get to see them anymore. So, you see how education takes you into the undiscovered and exciting realms of life as well.


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