There are many instances where you cannot study for the academic degree that you want due to personal circumstances or the lack of funds. Moreover, when you were young, you might not have been interested to study at that time however the desire for higher education has surfaced suddenly for a better  financial and secure future. The above are just some instances that people face. They know they are older than traditional students and really wish to study for their dream education or degree. For this segment of people- community colleges are the best solution!

Patrick Lanning Oregon -How can community colleges help older students?

Patrick Lanning is the Campus President- Yamhill Valley/Chief Academic Officer of Chemeketa Community College in Oregon says that if you are an older student and have the desire to pursue higher studies but not enter traditional colleges that have 4-year academic programs, community colleges are the perfect solution for you. These colleges provide you with the education and the attention you need by qualified professors with success.

The Patrick Lanning Oregon team of qualified and professional academicians say that older students often feel embarrassed because of their age. Community colleges give them the comfort and the environment they need to pursue the educational program of their choice. They are able to meet other students of their own age and connect with them. There are student community groups that give them networking opportunities as well. Moreover, there are some older students who are not sure as to whether they wish to invest money and time in higher education. Community colleges is a place that gives them the scope and the opportunity to test waters before they are able to make the final decision.

The Patrick Lanning Oregon team says that when it comes to funds for your education, you are able to get financial aid. This means you do not have to worry about applications for student loans for funding the education that you want. You are able to get Federal student financial aid for your students. Apply for them and get the funds you need for your education without stress and tensions.

He also says that community college also gives you the scope to balance family life and studies without hassles at all. When you are looking for education at a later age, you cannot compromise on the domestic responsibilities that you have. Community colleges give you the chance and the scope to learn at your own pace and time.

Last but not the least, He says that when it comes to community college education, you do not have to study for four years. There are two- year programs that allow you to learn the subjects of your choice at your own time and pace. Therefore, if you are an older student, do not feel embarrassed into coming back into studies at a later age. You can always fulfill your dreams and get the academic degree you want thanks to the advent of community colleges that care about your academic future as much as you do!


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