Mumbai is a city that is thought be the ultimate destination for job seekers since, no one in the city is believed to sit idle and not being employed. Among all major Indian cities, Mumbai continues to be one of the leading destinations for job seekers.


As the financial capital of the country, needless to say that finance jobs in Mumbai are easy to find; however this does not mean that Mumbai does not have other industries where jobs are not available. Mumbai and surrounding areas have several industries operating where one can find multiple job opportunities.

More than a Financial Capital of India

For many of us, Mumbai depicts different characteristics of itself. This city, on the west coast of India, is one of the most cosmopolitan, pulsating, economically well and ever prospering and an administrative centre that controls some of the important activities and sectors in India. The people in Mumbai are recognised for their hard working nature and working at any given situations. The aim of many of them is to earn a living and not get bogged down by the political upsurges or do not let any other situation affect their work conditions.

In Mumbai, the patterns of employees include both migrants and non-migrants. This has largely influenced the city to introduce all types of industries for all types of people to secure a job. Jobs opportunities in Mumbai are not limited to the Stock Exchange roles; there are many other roles that the people in Mumbai take up such as in IT sectors, banking, healthcare, etc.

No Dearth of Jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai offers something or the other for every job seeker. Whether you are financial analyst or looking for mediocre jobs, the Mumbai job market has something or the other for everyone.

Beginning from the casual labourer to a head honcho at a multi-national company, the employee base in Mumbai consists of both of them. There are self-employed people, regular salaried employees and the casual labourer who are found to work at different sectors. Sectors such as real estate, healthcare, hospitality are booming in the city and the jobs available are attracting more and more people to migrate to this city and grab the job opportunities.

Multiple Sectors to Explore Job Opportunities

Mumbai is a city that does not fail to live up to a person’s dreams of making it big for him or her. If noticed carefully, people are seen to juggle between jobs, take up additional responsibilities and make a living with as much work as he can manage to do. Banking and financial services in places like Bombay Stock Exchange, multi-national banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, American Express, etc. hire employees with excellent background in the banking area; Information Technology companies such as IBM, Cognizant, etc.; pharmaceutical companies such as Ranbaxy; hospitality sector such as the five star hotels and restaurant chains; retail sector including multi-level and large area malls as well as standalone stores; sales and marketing work in international and national level brands, Public Relations and media jobs such as print, digital and electronic journalism, everywhere there are scope of jobs in Mumbai.

The entertainment industry or Bollywood is believed to have employed maximum number of local workers for various types of work. The Dabbawallas, have over the years, carved a niche market for itself and many consider their profession as serious as working in an MNC.

There are even provisions for applying for jobs in Navy and other governmental jobs as per availability.

The Final Words

The overall trend in job market in 2013 has witnessed a fair share of ups and downs with Mumbai having a decline of 28 percent. Despite being one of the major generators of jobs in India, jobs in Mumbai got hit by quite a high margin in comparison to the other cities in India.

However, according to the experts and market trend analysts, the current year may witness a better turn of events with more people getting hired in sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, IT or in education overall. The hopes of securing jobs in Mumbai are also high for many freshers as well as employees with commendable work experiences.


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