Are you interested to join the league of professional essay writers? While several people ask how to create a powerful outline for essay writing, some others ask about the writing norms of introduction and conclusion. If you already know how to write structured essays, knowing essay writing tools can help you refine your skills. As you know, writing an essay will be incomplete without two most essential parts known as introduction and conclusion. You might wonder why these two parts are so important.

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While introduction serves as teaser that helps to establish and convey the concept or message of the entire essay, conclusion serves as deal sealers that should leave powerful and persuasive impression on the readers. With such great responsibility, introduction and conclusion needs to be as strong as possible as these paragraphs provide the readers an opening and ending statements that can make or break the entire essay. Therefore, perfect essay should have two vital factors –appealing introduction and impressive conclusion.

Steps to Follow

If you spend enough time to make an outline for your essay, it will actually benefit you during the time of writing the essay by saving time. An essay outline consists of the list of required information that you are planning to include in your essay and preparing the outline helps you to order those information in a perfect manner to support your statement effectively. For several people, essay writing seems to a tedious job but if you follow some basic guidelines, writing an essay can be a great fun. The three major parts of the essay are introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Introduction – You have to generate curiosity in the reader through your stated points in the introduction mainly to get the attention of them. You have to bear in mind that your first paragraph should clearly explain the subject of the essay. According to experts, you should long drawn out paragraphs that make the readers exhausted and rather write into several crisp paragraphs to keep your readers interested.
  • Body – You can divide your body of essay into couple of paragraphs where in the first paragraph you have to develop your chief idea and the interest of readers in the subject matter of essay should be enhanced once you start describing the original picture. In the next paragraph, you have to enrich and expand your main point by using quotes, phrases, imageries etc. The last part of the body usually covers the relatively minor points of the essay.
  • Conclusion – You have to ensure that the final paragraph or conclusion should give the readers no scope to doubt. This is the part where you have to summarize the major points you have raised in the preceding paragraphs. Your chief lookout should be on keeping the interest of the readers maintained until last paragraph.

Beginning with a bang through attention grabbing introduction, using startling information, anecdotes, dialogues, phrases, quotes etc. in the body and an effective closing statement that will leave a compelling impression to the readers are interesting ways to write a perfect essay.


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