When you have the privilege to travel and work at the same time it’s the most awesome feeling. Being able to see the world while you are making money is indescribable. If your work online or remote you know what we are talking about, but if you are new in this business here a couple tips for you to work on time and travel simultaneously.


Every trip needs a plan to be successful and if you add work to that, planning is the main key for this goal. If your work is unpredictable it’s a little bit hard to plan based solely on that. The only thing in those extreme cases is bring your computer or cellphone with you all the time, let people know you will be traveling and the time you will be online again. If your work is more flexible and you know how it usually goes, you will need to find the right time to move between cities, eat, and even to visit the tourist places, check out Travelocity for airplane schedules, hotels, everything you might need on your trip. Also, it’s important to know every detail of your trip so in case of an emergency you can act efficiently and fast.

Be Ready for Emergencies

Emergencies can happen even if you are at home, that’s why you need to be doubly prepared when you are traveling. The most common emergency is the internet, the absence of it can cause a real headache. Sometimes the internet signal is not strong enough or they are experimenting technical problems. Whatever is the case you need to be prepared; bring with you a hot spot  and don’t forget to charge it so you will be able to use it anytime. Another issue is when you have to print or fax important documents. To avoid those situations before you get to your destination make sure to know where these places are. If you can’t find them, you can ask local people about them as soon you arrive. And the last one is the battery of cellphone or laptop dying, check that each one is ready to go before you leave, or take an extra battery just incase.



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