Being a chemistry tutor is a great job. A lot of people love being a tutor and would not trade their job for anything else. If you love chemistry and love teaching, then this is definitely the best position for you. You will be able to do something that you are passionate about, which is one of life’s goals in itself. But also, you will be able to teach children and help them with things that they are struggling with. When one of your students goes from a failing grades to a passing grade, the pride you feel will be priceless. Aside from just helping these kids with their grades, you can also help them with life in general. Students who feel discouraged tend to be introverted. If as a tutor, you can give these kids confidence, then your job is more than done.

But of course, being a tutor has its challenges as well. Just like any job, there are a few situations that don’t really fit in with what a perfect job means for you. That doesn’t mean the job isn’t worth it. It just makes it a little bit more interesting. Also, overcoming these challenges is just another thing that adds to your satisfaction at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at the things that a chemistry tutor has to deal with:

Not Focusing During Class

Because tutors have students of all ages, different personalities and varying attention spans, it is not surprising for you to have a few students that simply cannot focus during class. Usually, these would be younger kids because they normally do have short attention spans. They are easily distracted and bored. But this can also happen for those who are a bit older. Distractions are everywhere. If you get a student who has a lot on his mind, like maybe family problems or too much stress in school, then they really won’t be able to focus easily during tuition classes.


Your job then is to find a way to get the attention of these kids. You are not a teacher, whose job is to simply explain. You are a tutor. Your job is to make sure that each and every student understands what you are explaining. So you have to find ways to make the subject more interesting. You may even need to talk to some students and ask why they’re so distracted, and try to explain to them that these distractions have to be left at the door when they enter your class. It will also be easier for them to focus if you try to help them with whatever is on their mind.

Cannot Take Criticisms

Another big problem for tutors is when a student can’t seem to take criticisms. They may take offense at it and get angry, or they may feel bad and therefore lose their confidence. Either way, the effect will not be good for your classes. The way to solve this is to be very conscious of how you present your criticisms. You should always make them constructive. You can do the sandwich method, where you tell a student what he did well, then tell him what he can improve and end with giving suggestions on how he can make these improvements. This at least shows that student that not everything he did was wrong. You need to make sure the student knows that you just want him to improve.

Not Doing Their Part

Maybe the most problematic situation for a chemistry tutor is when the student (or his parents) expects results from you but he does not do his part. You can explain everything in the best ways possible, but if the student does not do the work on his part, then there will be no improvement. To solve this problem, you have to set the expectation right before you start the program with each student that he will have to do some work as well. You can also set this expectation with his parents. Let them know that you will do everything you can, but they should also do their part once the student is home. As long as you explain this properly and show the parents that you are only saying this to ensure the student gets the best out of his tuition classes, and then they will understand.

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