Once the Christmas festivities are over and the decorations have been taken down, there seems to be nothing ahead other than dark winter months and long, cold days.  The first month of the year is often the quietest for travel which means cheap flights to faraway destinations, good deals on accommodation and no crowds in many destinations throughout the world. Students sometimes use this month to start travelling either after they have finished being a dissertation writer or perhaps if they have decided to take a gap year.

For those students who plan ahead, January can be great to start your travels. Here are our top 3 reasons why:

  1. Popular Destinations

Certain destinations, particularly those in Europe are great whatever time of the year you visit. Some destinations are truly magical during the winter months with cold crisp days and plenty to keep you entertained as darkness falls. From Belgium Markets through to ski destinations such as the Swiss Alps there is something to appeal to everyone, even if you want to spend a cosy day around the fire at the ski lodge rather than hitting the slopes. The cost of travel is also much cheaper in January both in terms of flights and accommodation so there is never a better time to go exploring.

  1. No Crowds

One of the things that so often spoils travel plans are the crowds. Perhaps you didn’t have time to visit everywhere you wanted to or it was just too busy to get around. Hordes of people and crowded places can be the worst nightmare for some, but a trip in January can help you avoid these problems and get more from your travel plans.

  1. A Winter Escape

During the depths of winter when the summer is a long way off, a trip away can give you a much needed boost in preparation for the year ahead. Break up the long winter months with some exciting travel plans to a faraway destination. Some winter sun may even give your health a boost too!

The opportunities for student travel in January are endless and what better way to spend the month after Christmas exploring somewhere new? Take up the opportunity and forget about your assignment writing, put examination stress behind you and plan for the year ahead.


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